We hereby introduce to you, ICT FOR JOBS INITIATIVE- a concept developed to source for, train and groom at least 5000 Information and Commucation Technology Professionals/Entrepreneurs and subsequently create about additional 25,0000 jobs in using ICT innovations and easy too acquired ICT skills of fortune.


This program is designed by our team of professional to create about 250, 000 sustainable jobs within five years using ICT as tools in Nigeria.


The programme became a necessity after a careful study of the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. The concept was developed to achieve some objectives. The objectives of the ICT4JI include, but are not limited to:-

  • Creating jobs using the ICT
  • Creating ICT entrepreneurs
  • Positively engaging Nigerian youths
  • Bridging the digital divide between Nigeria and the developed world
  • Creating local Internet content
  • Objectives of the programme


Objective of the ICT FOR JOBS INITIATIVE is to generate jobs by encouraging and supporting aspiring youth in Nigeria to take advantage of virgin market of ICT in Nigeria by acquiring ICT SKILLS OF FORTUNE, develop and execute business ideas that will lead to job creation. The programme will provide aspiring youth with a platform to acquire ICT skills and that will change their life for better.

Other identified objectives of the programme are highlighted below:

  • Attract ideas and innovations from youths from Universities, Polytechnics, Technical colleges, and other post-Secondary institutions in Nigeria;
  • Provide training on various ICT skills that will create jobs and wealth
  • Generate 250,000 new jobs for currently unemployed youth of Nigeria over a given period of time.ü  Provide business/Entrepreneurship training for the beneficiaries.
  • Encourage expansion, specialization and spin-offs of existing businesses in Nigeria and,
  • Enable the beneficiaries to access a wide business professional network and improve their visibility.



The training was designed to prepare and equipped all the beneficiaries with various ICT SKILLS OF FORTUNE and business development know-how. At least about five hundred youths of the state are expected to be trained for two months.  After the completion of the programme, the beneficiaries will be equipped with working tools like Laptops, Internet Modem, Repair Tools, Domain Name and Hosting Accounts and an amount of money that will be determine by the state government. We are ready to put the best of our resources together to make this possible for the youth of the state. We will work professionals and international certified officers, which comprises of Full Time Staff, Part Time Staff, Consultants and partners to deliver this.

The training will include the followings:

  •  Technical Support- Repair/Maintenance of Desktop Computers, Laptops,Tablets,Ipad and other computers devices.
  •  Computer Networking
  •  Website Development
  •  Website Hosting and Management
  •  E-Commerce
  •  ICT Business/Entrepreneurship/Business Development
  •  10 Business Questions “Where to Begin” Toolkit
  •  How to develop company profile
  •  How to research about the business and the market


After the training, we will also offer the following mentorship support programmes free of charge:

  • Full time mentorship programme
  • Opportunities to obtain International Certifications like COMPTIA A+ and N+
  • Opportunities to join International Webmasters Association (IWA)
  • Setting up of an internet based forums to relate and share ideas
  • Free instructional Materials in Books and Videos
  • Business resources with over 5000 business articles and topics (SME Toolkit)
  • Sample business plans
  • Sample business proposals
  • Over 200 e-books on business growth and development
  • Free Mobile Marketing Account for all interested participants and many more
  • Why organizing this training?
  • This is not just computer training but a life changing ICT SKILLS OF FORTUNE. The programme will empower at least 5000 beneficiaries with skills that will transform their life. They are expected to employ at least five persons each within a year. This is expected generate about 250,000 new jobs.



Who are our targets?
Our target audience are youth of the state who have had at an Higher Education Certificates, e.g. OND, HND, NCE, BA/BSC, etc,

Our Roles

  •     Provide training to all beneficiaries
  •     Be responsible for the instructors
  •     Provide instructional materials for the beneficiaries
  •     Provide business support and mentorship to all beneficiaries
  •     And provide all other consultancy services to the beneficiaries
  •     while sponsors can provide tools

   or call 08059534636, 08186817081, 08169827920 for any enquires

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