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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is the art and science of bringing your website to the top of search engine rankings. Over 90% of web traffic is driven by search. If your site is not being found, your business is going to miss out on prospects that are actively searching for your service or product.  

Won’t the Search Engines find my website without SEO Help?

According to Mashable.com the number of registered domains has grown from 15,000 in 1995 to 350,000,000 in 2011.  There is an estimated 150,000 new URLs each day.  With those kinds of numbers your website is going to get lost in the masses without help from someone who specializes in getting websites found for specific, targeted keywords.  
The search engines index millions of pages into their databases and they need to determine whose is the most relevant for a particular keyword search term.  Each search engine has their own secret to how this is achieved. If your site does not fall in line with their algorithm, then your site will not rank for those all important keyword terms to have the most chance of bringing a quality visitor to your website.  Whether your goal is to gather leads or actual online sales – having someone on your side the understands this ever changing environment is critical to your business’ success.

Afrikgold Professional Webmasters has been providing SEO in Nigeria for over ten years. Our research has lead to an intimate knowledge of how on-page and off-page factors influence search engine rankings. When done properly organic SEO, non-paid rankings, is one of the most cost effective and important measures of a successful online business.
We will provide your company professional SEO services through our knowledge of:

    Search Engine Best Practices
    Keyword Research
    Local Online Marketing
    Information Architecture
    Content Creation and Optimization
    Link Building
    URLs, Titles, Meta Data Research
    Canonical Issues & Duplicate Content

Having been in business for over 8 years, we pride ourselves in being one of the first SEO companies in the Nigeria. Most of our SEO clients have been with us for many years due to our ongoing online marketing success of their businesses’ websites.

Contact us today to receive a FREE, no-obligation website and Internet marketing consultation.

Contact APW or call us at 08059534636, 08186817081

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