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Online Lead Management

Afrikgold Prpfessional webmasters have extensive experience in the areas of lead generation and process automation. For many years,we have been producing systems to leverage the various technologies on the internet to allow our clients to gather leads. Our capabilities and accomplishments have grown with time. We have made a lot of progress in the areas of lead tracking and online lead management.  Along the way, many of our clients have given us the opportunity of creating customized online lead management tools to automate their internal business processes.

Our system effectively collects leads, deals with SPAM and duplication issues in addition to collecting important referrer information.  This information can be used to report on the efficacy of the respective marketing strategies. However, we know that the lead collection step is just part of the complete sales process. We have created sophisticated communication systems that market to the public and feed data back to our clients about the interactions with their customers. More importantly, these systems connect the internal organizational silos in our client's companies, allowing the opportunities generated by one area of their business to be communicated regularly to another and back.

Let us show you how we can help you automate your online lead management system so your sales team can work smarter, not harder!  Contact us today at 08059534636,08186817081 or schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation on your lead management tool needs online.

Talk to us on 08186817081,07087181856,08169827920

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